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Selected Client Case Studies
1. A US programmable broadband RFIC startup needed to move operations out from a pool house following a funding round with an institutional investor. Action: Set up accounting system, 2 year budget, filed 2 years tax returns, negotiated office lease and term loan with bank. Result: The company obtained a $2 million term loan, grew from 3 to 13 employees and established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Switzerland.

2. A Swedish OSGI platform services provider, funded by Ericsson, needed to create a US operation and grow it rapidly. Action: established bank accounts, negotiated a short-term lease, laid out office space for 20 employees, worked with immigration lawyer to obtain visas for the CEO and 2 transferees, implemented company's accounting system and procedures, payroll and employee benefits. Result: Within 7 months, the company had 17 employees including 1 executive and 2 vice presidents.

3. A German enterprise data mining SaaS supplier needed to expand rapidly in the US. Action: Set up back office support infrastructure for payroll, accounting, employee benefits, sales taxes and corporate compliance. Result: After 11 months the company grew in 6 states, had 25 employees and several US customers.

4. A US semiconductor oscillator startup faced cash flow problems and needed a bridge loan from its current investors. Action: Identified and resolved problems in financial reporting to the board; led the company through a successful audit review; resolved accounting problems and implemented new policies and procedures. Result: The company received a bridge loan from investors and a $4 million lease line.